About Polskamp

Polskamp Meat Industrie: specialist in the separation of chicken meat from bone

“We can produce high quality products out of these raw materials!”

This is what mr. Henk van de Craats thought when he founded the company more then 40 years ago. He came to the conclusion that several parts of the chicken were perfectly suitable for further processing and that lead to the start of the production of mechanically separated chicken meat. By doing so, Polskamp Meat Industrie became the first producer of mechanically separated chicken meat (also known as chicken MDM) in The Netherlands. Step by step, a unique production process for separation of chicken meat and bones has been created. For more information about our product range, please visit our product page.

Over the years, the production process has been improved and modernized continuously. Furthermore, the company implemented techniques for separation of chicken meat and chicken fat. Nowadays, Polskamp Meat Industrie offers a wide range of products for further processing into cured meats, canned meats, soups, burgers and so on. Today, Polskamp Meat Industrie is still a Dutch family owned and managed company. There are no factories in other countries. To be more specific, we would like to point out that we do not have a factory or any co-production in Poland.

Polskamp Meat Industrie

A father, his two sons and a group of dedicated employees form the foundation of Polskamp Meat Industrie.