The organisation

Polskamp Meat Industrie: a brief introduction.

A father, his two sons and a group of dedicated employees form the foundation of Polskamp Meat Industrie. An overview of this family business:

  • 2 Dutch locations, one in Ermelo and one in Harskamp
  • 4 production lines for the production of e.g. mechanically separated chicken meat, 3 millimetre baadermeat, low-fat chicken skins, minced chicken meat with a 100% chicken meat declaration and chicken fat
  • 6 packaging lines, used for the packaging and freezing (using shockfreezers) of various products in various types of packaging
  • A cold-storage warehouse with a storage capacity of circa 5.000 tons of product
  • A modern fleet of vehicles which we use for our own transport

The business currently has 80 permanent employees. Many of these people have been with the company for more than 12,5 or 25 years. Together with the management team, our employees make an important contribution to the continuity and success of the organisation.