Corporate philosophy

A focus on hygiene, high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Polskamp Meat Industrie is one of the links in a chain that begins with the farmer and ends with the consumer. The company uncompromisingly strives to produce high-quality mechanically separated chicken meat, 3 millimeter baadermeat, chicken fat and low-fat chicken skins. Honesty, care, safety and a focus on the wellbeing of our clients, consumers and employees have been the basic principles of our organisation from the very start.

The company adds value for its suppliers and buyers by striving towards high-quality services, optimal utilisation of raw materials, honesty in all forms of collaboration and quality without compromise.

The excellent quality of our products is achieved by devoting the utmost care to our purchasing, transport, processing and storage procedures. Hygiene and quality are the keywords of our corporate philosophy.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, Polskamp Meat Industrie continuously invests in the improvement of its processes. An involved management team combines innovation and modern technology with a healthy dose of common sense.