Quality & Hygiene

Safeguarding and further improvement of our quality standards is a priority for us!

Raw materials

Polskamp Meat Industrie purchases its raw materials from veterinary-accredited suppliers based in Europe. Raw materials are stored under the appropriate conditions during transportation and prior to further processing. On arrival, raw materials are inspected according to a standard protocol. These checks focus on the following elements, amongst others:

  • Temperature
  • Labelling & documentation
  • Freshness
  • Microbiology
  • Packaging material
  • Mode of transport

Careful selection and strict control of raw materials is of great importance, because our raw materials are the basis for producing a high-quality end product.


Polskamp Meat Industrie produces its products according to standard recipes and specifications. Only raw materials included in the recipe are processed. The production of stable products is an important pillar; companies that carry out further processing benefit from stable input into their processes to achieve a high-quality end product. Chemical and microbiological research takes place in our own laboratories as well as accredited external laboratories.

The composition of mechanically separated chicken meat, for example, can be checked during the production process in terms of fat and protein content, amongst others. This means any adjustments can be made immediately.

Throughout production

Not only is the chicken meat checked before it is processed, it is also checked throughout the entire production process. For example, sample analysis, visual inspection and metal detection. The education and training of production staff is an important part of our quality program and these training courses contribute to the safeguarding and further improvement of our quality standards.

The end products are packed under hygienic conditions and labelling is carried out according to European regulations. Would you like to know more about how our products are stored and supplied to our clients? Then see the ‘Transport’ page!

Safeguarding quality

Polskamp Meat Industrie meets an exceptionally high standard of hygiene by safeguarding optimal conditions during transport, storage and processing, by preventing cross-contamination, and by the exceptionally high speed of processing of our products.

Other production processes


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Logistics & Export

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